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the semblance is the point the spirit shows you, as things occuring are what you think is resembles by some shape or form. so I think this is what forms from area use. so I will recreate something called a positive feel with nothing but water, any that disagree aren't attacked by feel. as interest i succeed then i will see the point to cure need. so i think this is wwhen or where I was so i will get along with others till the time changes to correct by the area energy creator. get away bottom boy ideal. art or recording an studio work is 150 or less an hour. Otherwise per song its 10 or 20 a song.

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    Flame Dash G.

"Effortless: The mixtape" Album

         PORN HIPHOP XXX        

 Cd mp3 $10.00

Bottom Boyz

"No Introduction" 

       Hiphop creation       

Cd mp3 $9.00




 Lala-double mix cd

Hiphop by porn style

  Cd mp3 $3.00 

Project 1

"$schemin on big money"


Cd mp3 $5.00


Music redue-sample's-loop's?

60 big humm's &
voice beat's

 cd-r music $8.00

LaLa T.

 R&B: Finally found a love 

Cd Mp3 $1.00

 LaLa T. bullshit awards 2

  dvd $9.00


 LaLa T.

  Country bumpkin comedy 

 Cd Mp3 $5.00

LaLa T.

"Basket Case"Comedy

Cd Mp3 $5.00

 LaLa T.

 "Bullshit Awards 2"

Cd Mp3 $9.00

 LaLa T.

"Superficial" Comedy

Cd Mp3 $6.00

 LaLa T.

  Various Artist Comedy 3-short version

 Cd Mp3 $6.00 

 LaLa T.

"Various Artist Comedy 3 Long version"

Cd Mp3 $9.00

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