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    Various Artists

"Lala's Picks" Album


 Cd mp3 $10.00


    Flame Dash G.

"Effortless: The mixtape" Album

         PORN HIPHOP XXX        

 Cd mp3 $10.00

Bottom Boyz

"No Introduction" 

       Hiphop creation       

Cd mp3 $9.00




 Lala-double mix cd

Hiphop by porn style

  Cd mp3 $3.00 

Project 1

"$schemin on big money"


Cd mp3 $5.00


Music redue-sample's-loop's?

60 big humm's &
voice beat'sBy Lafayette M. Terry, Jr

 cd-r music $8.00

LaLa T.

 R&B: Finally found a love 

Cd Mp3 $1.00

 LaLa T. bullshit awards 2

  dvd $9.00


 LaLa T.

  Country bumpkin comedy 

 Cd Mp3 $5.00

LaLa T.

"Basket Case"Comedy

Cd Mp3 $5.00

 LaLa T.

 "Bullshit Awards 2"

Cd Mp3 $9.00

 LaLa T.

"Superficial" Comedy

Cd Mp3 $6.00

 LaLa T.

  Various Artist Comedy 3-short version

 Cd Mp3 $6.00 

 LaLa T.

"Various Artist Comedy 3 Long version"

Cd Mp3 $9.00

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