Friday, September 15, 2023

Nitelife records/Lala T.-Talent & management-USA-overseas markets 2024/25/2026

Strip club rebels!!!
CD instrumentals-DVD n strip photograghy XXX
Ladies only-ages 17-47 cute
Bitchin all the time!!!
Somewhat a prostitute!!!

Your project lasts forever

Sex sells entertainment because of video n photography, do you qualify, do you really have the look, is your pockets empty n are you satisfied with your living status. We're after the kinkiest girls ever, witty, half-stupid, nerdy like n we'll take it off morning, evening n night. We know your daughters look good n I know you envy them period.

All the summer bunnies on the prowell and lounging n OKC. More eroticta, more exotica n we ain't explaining a damn thing. Take is off or get lost in the crowd, go swimming in my bath tub in a bikini while I take photos of you.

Usually rock, hiphop, pop music n many more body type lookalikes:

Bring lingerie, G-string, lace, bra n panties, dance XXX, mini skirts, leather bras, leather skirts, leather pants, spandex shorts or pants n other revealing clothing!!!

Beautiful ladies only, chestize, you have suckable perfumed boobs n all size rumpus n buttox. Squeezable teddy bear bootys, changing shifts with a gift. Every once in awhile the men get a lil outrageous.

Baptize yourself and still drink beer n being naked and busting nuts everytime a man approaches mad. Men are always furious at the strip club even though they have a wife n kids. Men don't hesitate to give you 100 dollar bills only. 

Are you cebil, realize it n react it n nude like. Are you porn or strip club. We know who you really are, your both, act like it. Your after the cutest guys in the strip club n you know how the rest goes.

Hey, I'm Lafayette M Terry, jr. Known as Lala T, I'm a real hiphop artist, player, pimp n jiggalo who desires the sexiest women in the world. 6'2, brown skin, grey eyes n love having company. Lighted colorful speakers stereo system, flat screen tv with over 200 movies, works too, look at porn on computer, king-sized bed with disco light, liquor n food or bring your own liquor. 1-405-596-3869 ask, talk, n enter.

Lala T. hiphop-legitimate, hard-core, nerd, batchelor, comedian, not too selfish n love giving massages to certain beautiful women. Every once in awhile I treat you with a gift or not. Catch a bus, a cab or drive your car, van or steal your boyfriend's car to this destination. We don't flirt as much, sometimes I do, get use to it.

Exotic dancers, what in the hell were you thinking, you were screwed by men in the club n its only two men left in the world. Harass all day long n you still haven't learned your lesson yet. You have a cold n its gonna be awhile before they calm down, give in to out of town billionaires, gosh, meet you for dinner in my own car.

Light skinned girls is the happs, dark n white girls love romance n will dance your heels off. 

Get along forever, here comes the majors? Major what? Hahaha!!!

Is prostitution modelling or what?

Strippers taking bubblebaths at Nitelife records on occassions!!!

Joke!!! If you think we're ugly,  your ugly too.

Nothing, but bubblez,suds n tits!!!

Traces of panties flying?!%$

Ladies ages 17-48/cute n hot bod!!!

Home dance X videos/club dance X DVDs/acting X/modelling X photography!!!

Advertiser/Promoter/real jiggalos n pimps!!!

Read XXX articles now...

Wildfires ends up in so called half-crime strip clubz, its on tonight!!!?

Brazil, scandals galore, a beer high, stupid dope deals n clubs of strip!!!

Light skinned girls, sassy, independent, loveable and a true stripper at home n club!!!

Tokyo, hill sides, mountain tops n husband/ex is in the club hustlin!!! Move it!!!

Bikinis barely fit, that's the key!!!

Honolulu, a shake like that deserves a major strip club and liquor drink!!!

Belgium, so sensitive over the state name, but finalized strip global!!!

Tibet known in schoolbooks, as they olden did they turn to strip!!!

Philadelphia is a waste of time hell no you just haven't seen them really strip!!!

Mom n daughter strip for a living, smoke n suck d???!

South Africa tempted me to think it was on strip only to a certain extent!!!

Las Vegas prostitutes rather strip for a living, even i wondered about that!!! Hahaha!!!

Pittsburg affiliates went to straight business to high class n low class strip!!!

Ohio, real orthodox players n crews stick together in the music world n girl strip clubs!!!

Switzerland, retrieved a dog for a boyfriend n he allows her to strip at the strip club!!!

Come get your comfort on in a g-string, gown, lace, panties, no bra or soak in the tub!!!

Leather is back like steak n mash!!!?

Nightlife records strippers donation:

Dancers auditions: 
Ladies only!!!
Sept. 28, 2023/Thursday/8:30 pm-until 
Clothing: You choose what you want to wear!!!
Ages 17 n up/striptease!!!
1-405-596-3869/Answering service/24-7
Atumn Gate Apartments, Apt. E/Downstairs.
3645 NW 24th street on Portland.

Creo, state of the hoot or nanny n skillful in bed n strip club!!!

Honduras companions in love, nop, an organized strip club n worth every dollar!!!

Italy, celebrity studded surroundings, treasure hunts, exotic places n exotic girl clubs!!!

Wet bra!!!? 

Hawaii, magnificent mountains, escaping to a better way of living, strip is the ticket, wet forever!!!

Israel, stupid prayer sessions, luscious hidden girls, came to America to strip only!!!

Car action!!!

Cops need love too!!!

Mas, full of fake anger, cutie pie ladies n fled the city 4 strip clubs!!!

Mom and daughter lookalikes strip forever!!!?

This whole project is dedicated to the hardest workin women in showbiz, tapdance, vallet, shuffledance, booty dance, oriental dance, latin dance n all sorts of universal dance!!!

Montana,  girls of the strip club, stinks so good n allure is a turn on, maybe, next shift!!!

Baltimore Maryland, skip work n home 4 mother freakin' strip girls!!!

Tits n ass shakin!!!

Puerto Rico is a time consuming place that we all love for strip!!!

Egyptian women attire, golds, blacks n silver, checking out of egypt for new strip clubs!!!

Somali, we have not a clue what you do, we will let you find out!!!

Taiwan, creatures, swords, unique outfits n clever at the strip club!!!

Ethiopians, so sexy, would they ever leave the state for negative strip club!!!

Vietnam, probably expensive taste, because factories, manufacturers n skin tone strip clubs!!!

Lala T.-muzik video shoot!!!
Ladies only!!!
Nov. 20, 2023/9 p.m-until
Bikini or lingerie or others!!!
Ages 16-47/cute, ambitious n medium built!!!
1-405-596-3869/Answering service/24/7
Atumn gate Apartments Apt. E/downstairs.
On 24th street n portland, Okc/3645 NW 24th.

Nigeria industries growing, but they mostly on to a new destination, strip club trick!!!

Syria, knowing nothing, butt being sexy n drain you sexually in a girl strip club!!!

Pittsburg, simply beautiful, half ill, because they crave nothing, but girly strip clubs!!!

Hills for half a prostitute, really a stripper of some sort!!!

Jamaica dance fitted close n stripping global!!!

Oregon (fire) station gave the name (fire) 4 the hottest babes in the strip club!!!

Guana used n abused in a strip club n loved every minute of it!!!

HongKong established by creative people, legislature and still those son-of-bitches strip somewhere!!!

Persian armenian, explosive in bed skin complexion of a goddess n a stripper girl in clubs!!!

Hear the sounds b4 you purchase them!!!

Zimbobway, court cases, why? Probably because of scandolous dance n strip!!!

Minnesota, sometime a difficult state to live in, but its all about xxx strip club!!!

6-4 drop top cars, mexicans n bikinis & tennis shoes, drunk n fuxx!!! 

Arabian girls, some sexy with chubby stomachs, juicy azz, allure n sooner or later snatched on stage!!! 

Missouri, loose, hell, some of them screwed in a strip club. I was too drunk!!!

Puerto rico girls wants money, eventually moves out of state!!!

Washing cars in bikinis!!!

Nurses, Secretaries, College students gone bad!!!

Guatemala familiar faces, a wild streak, juices flowing n a stripper!!!

White america a computer genius, not to brag or boast, owns the strip club, hi!!!

Fillipine girls start off sorta young, ends up filthy rich in a strip club!!! 

Detroit girls twisted, lovable but stripped!!!

Russia is criticized 4 their beauty, yeah, you know its really stripped!!!

Music video girls, tramps, hoes, prostitutes, lesbians, sluts, bimbos, innocence, pay your bills now!!!

Colombia girls have no choice, but to sex all night, DVD is already done, why work!!!

Texas oil, Texas girls prostitution gone strippers all over the state!!!

Morocco, hooded scarves, jacket n dresses, I wonder how they look at the strip club!!!

Canada, holy smoke, advanced in everythang n the center is really it, strip club only!!!

Tight jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts n lovin it!!!

Hoochie mama's, go gettas, drink-a-holics get your groove on!!!

Korean girls skipping state, high class fashions n strip numerous times, strip time!!!

Malaysian asian a jewel, worth it, get satisfied during every DVD!!!

Trinidad vs Oklahoma sexually!!! 

Memphis, their main mission was to accomplish cool rides n straight conquer strip clubs!!!

Ok, ok, black girls raised to perfection, still strip tease (4 fun), woo, a threat to society, sorry!!!

Portugese, you actually cringe over their beauty, their true exotica...research!!!

London, the spice of life, live it up in a spectacular city, plus enjoy girly strip clubs!!!

Its a white guy n a black guy, best friends, real jiggalos n pimps.

Bolivia n Cuba some fuluxtous, damn you should see their daughter!!!

Barbatos eastern carribean Island, love, dignity and strip clubs, a genious!!!

Miami Florida, beautiful hot babes, bad weather, wants to strip else where!!!

Compton high, Oakland high, Hollywood high doing things they really shouldn't do, some not all misbehaved and lovin it?!!!

Singapore, cameras, perfume, fun n comedy n strip clubs!!!

New jersey-safe as hell n that group got f-ed up too. There shall gonna strip now!!!

Shanghai, hot clubs, lazer lights, high drinks n plenty of strip clubs!!!

Look out 4 HipHop/RnB - Flame dash G. - Lovely loretta lee - Lala T. - Bottom Boyz  - Mizz T. - Okie n Project 1. - Too many studs/great females acting up in studios!!!
Loosen up, your on a journey for greatness and better, bigger & a creative sex drive!!!

Plus, get nasty ass dance on and penetrate the system at the dance floor.

Hear the sounds b4 you purchase them!!!

Don't be stubborn like a mule, shake that ass and gain the world!!!

Dress to impress or little or nothing!!!

Well, hell, your cute so I mack!!!

I want my home like Japanese, China or Hong Kong style!!!

Short mini skirt gals!!! 

Panties n bra modelling!!!

Free CDs in july!!!

Our goto top of CD/DVD page.

$450 a month due the 4th of each month

A. Submit materials: CD-DVD-Photos n Bio/Nitelife records/1-405-596-3869 Write/Payment: Lafayette Terry, Jr.: 3645 NW 24th., -E Okc-Ok 73107.

B. Studio time: $60 an hour cash only.

C. Ladies only, by appointment only-choose your day.

Seductive hit muzik!!!

USA-Overseas muzik!!!

Okc thang!!!

Oklahoma city owned n operated!!!

Girls! Girls! Girls XXX dance!

Submit donations to paypal.

copyright 2023 by Lafayette M. Terry, Jr/Lala T.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

tha power of muzik/chat zone

X twitter: (@lalat79901482)

  Cd on demand: remixes, loops and samples of your favorite artist, groups and bands. Coming straight out of the main idea, in the point all the way to the big times. We distribute cd and dvd. If you look for CDs on demand, feel free to make a request and we can produce a cd for your desire. You can also buy CDs from me, just make a request after clicking the buy now for the price of 8 to 10 dollars a CD. 

 Merchandise sent directly to you digitally and guaranteed to make you squeel. Hell, we didn't even hesitate to give you a good deal, we're nominated through mergers and other sources. Dynamic and playful in every entertain or entertainment of your life.

Lafayette Terry-owner

Lafayette Terry donation:
A. $500 
B. $1000
C. $2000
D. $3000

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