Friday, May 8, 2015

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Puerto rico girls wants money, eventually moves out of state!!!

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Indian money, we don't buy you, you buy us, hidden sex drive. Back room casino!!!

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Malaysian asian a jewel, worth it, get satisfied during every DVD!!!

Trinidad vs Oklahoma sexually!!! 

Ok, ok, black girls raised to perfection, still strip tease (4 fun), woo, a threat to society, sorry!!!

Banana republic doesn't stand a chance in an Oklahoma strip club, scream!!!

Its a white guy n a black guy, best friends, real jiggalos n pimps, yo you better have their money!!!

Bolivia n Cuba some fuluxtous, damn you should see their daughter!!!

New jersey-safe as hell n that group got f-ed up too. There shall gonna strip now!!!

Look out 4 Smoky Loc - Flame dash G. - Lovely loretta lee - Lala T. - Bottom Boyz n Project 1. - Too many studs!!!
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

tha power of muzik/chat zone

Battleskarrs' songcast sells and bio page:

  Cd on demand: remixes, loops and samples of your favorite artist, groups and bands. Coming straight out of the main idea, in the point all the way to the big times. We distribute cd and dvd. If you look for CDs on demand, feel free to make a request and we can produce a cd for your desire. You can also buy CDs from me, just make a request after clicking the buy now for the price of 8 to 10 dollars a CD. 

 Merchandise sent directly to you digitally and guaranteed to make you squeel. Hell, we didn't even hesitate to give you a good deal, we're nominated through mergers and other sources. Dynamic and playful in every entertain or entertainment of your life.

Lafayette Terry-owner

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