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 There is a talent search fee per month of $168 until you don't desire our services. 

 Please note: Talent must pay at every 5th of the month, if you can't pay then we might have to terminate your services. 

 Payable by paypal and that is our subscription fee.

 Click the Subscribe button to finish setting up and have us look at your application. 

 That you can fill out below.

Lala's record's Talent application and agreement form: Any type of talent can sign. Lady's only - Age 21 through 38 - Any nationality

Email me to make an appointment and if you come in, sign a waver with an upfront fee that's decided per service requested.

Application form:
Stage or group name
Email Address:
Date of birth
Height, Weight, Color of Eyes
Hair color
Talent skill's
How many children do you have?
Job occupation or where do you work?
Job hour's am to pm or pm to am
Off day's MONDAY

Audition's held mostly on SUNDAY-MONDAY AND TUES. 5PM TO 6PM

Required at audition: you will have a photo session and maybe a dvd made of your talent.

Clothing required: Bikini-lingerie-mini skirt-lace-pantie's-short set-some nudity and what you think appropriate or more.
Home phone number
Job phone number
Cell phone number
Address or p.o box

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