Friday, May 8, 2015

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 Dedicated to family by feel, friends and global family. this is the page you think that uses what you consider. Those are the points by what you like. If you think to apply you know what is there. I think the point is mute, you win even if you walk out. with what you feel. so think to what you feel the import is to yourself with others. can feel this is your music page. email if you need to keep in touch although we don't.

Grand Prix bitches.

Watch great movies coming out of the East coast to west coast. I think this means were good for those that watch us. So watch Lala t. comedies or hear them on cd or dvd. A word to our global talent.

terry lafayette and chris moisant; call, write or donate 405-225-1268.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

word to the talent


Young adult's must use wisdom or have activity, so we put together a variety of music hit's with various artist and groups to keep you occupied as you see nothing wrong in buying. See to believe or no we don't believe to create by focus or use. As you see or create you are always aware to create by what you see create see for you, you see to realize as you see is awareness with in the feel by music. As umambivalent is use in ideal so no man. We have all that pussy popin hiphop and soulful r&b music that keep you on a pimp mackathon. See your cool im getting into the entertainment biz. Seeing is believing, sitting there is giving up.Hardcore and soft music is what the new generation want's to hear, while itsippin on a 40 ounce, creation or smoking a thought is useful or cigar or when you throw a private porn xxx party or creative party. All culture's our saying this was well worth the wait to get these award winning music hit's that just touch down on planet earth so lala with various artists to create as you think to see by the feel. 

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  Cd on demand: remixes, loops and samples of your favorite artist and groups. coming straight out the hard knocks, in the point all the way to the big times. Cd covers and more buy to sell and trade cds all day long. Arts and crafts at its finest. Look for cd on demand. You can also buy CDs from me, just make a request after clicking the buy now for the 4.50 cd.

Lafayette Terry-owner

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I found this ideal is seeking no more, yet I am seeking females from the philipined cuba, columbia, bolivia, amazon, isrea, japan, tokyo, china, egyptian. l think this is where things are in stores with a word of talent.

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