Friday, May 8, 2015

Album's released

Big talent search 4 hiphop artists. Non-experienced and experienced, would like to have material.


Bottom boyz records-New Album "No introduction" hits main stream music radio, in stores now.

Flame Dash-G., spoke on radio about album; Effortless, he even shot a video. This is now in stores.

Lovely and Lala does a duet called: What's on your mind? Hot stuff!! Now in stores.

Project 1: Schemin on big money is sure to become number one, now in stores.

Various Artists: Lala's picks is the latest if not the greatest compilation in stores now.

Smokey-Coming soon!!

Lala: Sex, lies and cd's/album -up tempo- and all that, now in stores. -Lala T's page of Songcast

Give him just a little more time, he'll be called engineer, producer and writer of the year-

We are party crashers, send us invites - we prefer striptease, babes or bikini.

Act/model/dance/hiphop/RnB/pop/raggae/country. Ages 16-44, hot bod/attractive and comforting. Clothes we prefer, miniskirt, jeans, and bikini.

Screenplay up for grabs, 50 pages, already typed 5000000 dollars.

Song lyrics for sale, 40 song lyrics already typed. 70000 dollars.

Buy it, try it, it's yours. Lala T. records, your benefits for buying lala t.'s records you receive access to new talent, material, a receipt book. Credit card swiper, CD-RW to save archives/files as well as chip. 100 mill. Payment plan with credit card only.

Call-write-download or donate to:
Lafayette Terry, Jr or C. Moisant
409 Nw 11th #16
Okc, OK 73103

Saturday, May 19, 2012

word to the talent

Home studio: Flame dash G. Home studio; 405-432-6126

Battleskarrs' songcast sells and bio page:

  Cd on demand: remixes, loops and samples of your favorite artist and groups. coming straight out of the main idea, in the point all the way to the big times. We distribute tape, 45, ep records, cd and dvd. If you look for CDs on demand, feel free to make a request and we can produce a cd for your desire. You can also buy CDs from me, just make a request after clicking the buy now for the price of 8 to 10 dollars a CD. 

  Lala T. has put together some of the hottest artists, groups and bands. Some of them have landed a ep with local DJs and global. You will not be disappointed, and one of the main groups that you will recognize is Project 1, Flame Dash G., Bottom Boyz and Lovely. Who went on to get major publicity across the globe. You should have saw them live in concert. As the crowds screamed,  this was in hugo, okc.

  Ask about getting your very own blog, example above. You are only going to be out 20 dollars per hour, we work diligently to get the job done.

Lafayette Terry-owner

This idea is the point, you can think it's worth the action of what is done. So I think this page is worth a contribution of at least 100,000 dollars or less. So enjoy yourself.

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