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Friday, May 8, 2015

Album's released


Bottom boyz records-New Album "No introduction" hits main stream music radio, in stores now.

Flame Dash-G., spoke on radio about album; Effortless, he even shot a video. This is now in stores.

Lovely and Lala does a duet called: What's on your mind? Hot stuff!! Now in stores.

Project 1: Schemin on big money is sure to become number one, now in stores.

Various Artists: Lala's picks is the latest if not the greatest compilation in stores now.

Smokey-Coming soon!!

Lala: Sex, lies and cd's/album -up tempo- and all that, now in stores. -Lala T's page of Songcast

Give him just a little more time, he'll be called engineer, producer and writer of the year-

USA/Overseas markets ladies 18-43. Must have a hot bod, photogenic and DVD. Three page blog done for 180 dollars as a one time fee.

We are party crashers, send us invites - we prefer striptease, babes or bikini.

Buy it, try it, it's yours. Lala T. records, your benefits for buying lala t.s records you receive a receipt book. Credit card swiper, CD-RW to save archives/files as well as chip. 100 mill. Payment plan, debit or credit card only.

Call-write-download or donate to:
Lafayette Terry, Jr or C. Moisant
409 Nw 11th #16
Okc, OK 73103