Friday, May 8, 2015

Nitelife Records/CD-DVD n Vinyl

Hoochie mama's, go gettas, drink-a-holics get your groove on!!!
Loosen up, your on a journey for greatness and better, bigger & a creative sex drive!!!

Plus, get nasty ass dance on and penetrate the system at the dance floor.

Hell, I don't know if I am a jiggalo or a pimp. Record, stupid!!!

Hear the sounds before you purchase them!!!

Don't be stubborn like a mule, shake that ass and gain the world!!!

Muzik links -
Lala T's page of Songcast

Seductive hit muzik!!!
USA-Overseas muzik markets!!!

CD distribution $500/1 CD only!!!
Includes: newsletter blog & font, CD graphics, songcast, facebook & youtube!!! 

Wanted: Juicy Dancers, Models & Actors!!!
Focus & work tha body!!!
All ages welcome!!!
Any kind of nationality!!!
Your DVD airs global for $120 only!!!

Money order or Credit Card!!

Submit first by mail:
Lafayette T.
3645 NW 24th., -E.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

Give him just a little more time, he'll be called engineer, producer and writer of the year.

Small independent record labels, keeping their eye's open for the majors. 

Submit donations to paypal.