Friday, May 8, 2015

Play radio-club-tv and film music or whatever your agenda???

Candy Drip by Project 1 on Amazon music.

Candy drip-Song by  Project 1/Spotify.

Candy drip-Project 1/Shazam.

Bounce baby Project 1 on Amazon

Bounce baby-Project 1/Shazam.

Bounce baby-song by Project 1/Spotify.

Freaky guy by Project 1: Napster.

Freaky guy-Project 1/Shazam.

Freaky guy by Project 1 on Amazon music.

Freaky guy-Song by Project 1/Spotify.

No introduction-album by bottom boyz/Spotify.

Elevator muzik intro-Mizz-T/shazam.

Elevator muzik-[explicit] by Mizz-T on Amazon

Elevator muzik-album by Mizz-T-spotify.

Elevator muzik by Mizz-T on apple music.


Mizz-T-The mizztape: music.

The Mizztape: originalz by Mizz-T on amazon

Effortless: the mixtape-album by flame dash g./spotify

Flame dash g. on apple music

Hot n spicy by Bottom boyz & Flame dash G. on apple music.

Hot n spicy by Bottom boyz & Flame dash G. on

Hot n spicy -album by Bottom boyz & Flame dash G./Spotify.

Flame dash g.: cd's &

Flame dash g.-effortless: the music

Lovely and Lala does a duet called: What's on your mind? Hot stuff. 

$schemin' on big money by Project 1. On Amazon

$schemin' on big money-EP by Project 1. On apple music.

$schemin' on big money-single by Project 1/Spotify.

$schemin' on big money by Project 1: napster.

Buy Lala's picks online at low prices in India/Amazon music.

Lala's picks by Various artists on Apple music.

Lala's picks-compilation by various artists/spotify.

Various Artists-Lala's music.

Various artists lala's picks-youtube.

Everybody knows your name by Lala T. on Amazon music.

Everybody knows your name-single by Lala T. on Apple music.

Everybody knows your name-single by Lala T.-Spotify.

Everybody knows your name by Lala T.: Napster.

Smokey-Coming soon!!

Sex, lies & CDs (radio versions) -Lala T./shazam.

Sex, lies & CDs by Lala T.-Napster

Sex, lies & CDs (hardcore version) by Lala T.-Napster.

Lala: Sex, lies & cd's/album -up tempo- and all that. -Lala T's page of Songcast

Finally found a love that lasts by Lala T.: Napster

Give him just a little more time, he'll be called engineer, producer and writer of the year-

Small independant record labels, keeping their eye's open for the majors. 

Lala T. Records/Management
Big talent search!!!

A.. Acting, modelling and Dance positions may become available. Submit now!!! 

B. Any style music.

C. Must be age 18-44, cute, hot bod and photogenic.

D. Some photo sessions held in HD video shoots.

E. Advertising, promoting and marketing to entertainment companies.

F. Your E-mail address and website is available with your blog.

G. First price: $750 for 1 CD or 1 DVD, also 1 resume, 1 photo or 1 photo graphics.

H. Additional material: $500 more to add new material. 

I. Pay by Paypal, Credit card or Western union.

J. Royalties your paid, 20th of each month-mark your calendar. 

K. Will receive a receipt by mail or by person.

L. Fees associated are processed by Paypal and credit cards.

Submit donations to paypal.

24/7 Hotline
Lafayette M. Terry Jr.

Submit packages, music material, or payment info to: 

C. Moisant & Lafayette M. Terry Jr.
409 NW 11th #16
Oklahoma city, OK 73103